Tuesday, February 13, 2007

1000 Actions 10-36

More 1000 Actions

10. drank tea at bedtime
11. worked out at the gym
12. had a pear when i was hungry mid-afternoon
13. started You:On a Diet
14. bought a new scale
15. bought a tape measure
16. had an apple as an afternoon snack
17. did 2 pilates videos back to back
18. parked further away from the grocery store
19. traded wings for naked chicken tenders
20. had a cup of green tea
21. switched from flavored coffee cream to half & half
22. chose a garden salad instead of a caesar
23. went 24 hours without coffee
24. bought low-fat sour cream
25. tried light soymilk
26. purchased a fit ball
27. tried my first Kashi produt
28. replaced my morning coffee with green tea
29. spent an hour at the gym
30. exchanged my usual Wendys burger for a small chili
31. turned down stacks at the movie theater
32. drank tea for breakfast instead of coffee
33. filled my travel mug for the van with green tea instead of coffee
34. made pizza with whole wheat dough
35. squeezed in a pilates workout while the kids were getting ready for bed
36. spent the evening reading


meems said...

sounds like you are doing well!

I love Kashi stuff. Use to eat GoLean Crunch all the time (I heard regular GoLean is yucky though). but now I think it's too sweet. They have a cereal that has cute heart shapes, forget what it is called.

Oh I bought You: On a Diet b/c of the posts at TDC. Haven't gotten very far with it though.

Stephanie said...

These are awesome changes, Val! Way to go!! I love Kashi products. It's the only cereal brand I eat anymore & oatmeal too. They also have great crackers. I find Kashi stuff is always cheapest at Walmart.

Dawn said...

Hey val, I'm looking for the rest of this 1000 actions things ... it looks pretty straightforward, but I'd love the 'original' idea behind it...