Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1000 Actions

I've been inspired by a challenge at Spark People to take 1000 Actions towards a goal. Sounds like a lot? Well, I learned that you can easily fit 4 actions into a day. So, I started keeping track the other day, and I'll post them here as I go along.

1. Subscribed to the 100 Actions thread
2. took a much-needed morning nap (instead of barreling through the day)
3. tried a carrot salad for lunch
4. spent time in the bible instead of the depressing news
5. replaced 2nd cup of coffee with OJ
6. eating big salad for lunch
7. roller skated!
8. ate a pear as a bedtime snack, resisted fast food!
9. drank tea to relax

Also, big exciting news for me, my application to join the Biggest Loser Digi Style was accepted! I'm ready to go!

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