Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekendy Stuffs

Big 'ol fun weekend for the Fowler Family. Saturday morning John had the kids write up a list of activity ideas. He asked them to write down 10 ideas. They came up with 4. Go to the mall. Go to the movies. Make ice cream. Play a family game. So we made a day of it. Made pizzas at home then went to our favorite theater and caught Night at the Museum. IMDB is only giving it a 6 out of 10, but if you've got young kids (ours are 8 and 4) you appreciate any family movie that isn't animated. Fun idea, fun effects and Ben Stiller. It's a winner. Stopped at the pet store and bought some new fun stuff for the hamsters (Sprite and Pepsi). A new tower and fresh food and a water bottle upgrade. Looked at an AWESOME cockatil (sp?) and I told Johnny I'd give him $5 if he stuck his finger in the cage. He is a dork and did it. I refused to pay up and the ride home was a little frigid. Oops. Also went to Lifeway and got Johnny his first 'grown up' (ie. no pictures) bible. It's not too big and has a nice brown and blue leather cover. Got Eden an Archway book. Love those things. Then to our FAVORITE pizza place for dinner, Guissepis. Family owned down-to-earth. There are a couple of folding tables out to sit at, pizza boxes stacked up against the walls, a beer cooler and candy machines. The owner has a strong Italian accent and is hard to understand over the phone and his wife knows me by name and pulls out my order as soon as I walk through the door. So we had great spaghetti and ravioli and mini tacos. YUMM-O! Back home to crack open a coconut because Eden had been asking about them. She tried the water inside and then made faces for about 5 minutes. Decided that it was not a good idea to take a sip, or to even try the meat, lol! I looked up a recipe for coconut cake, but decided it's not worth all the effort. Then we had a Ms. PacMan play-off and shipped the kids off to bed. I fell asleep watching my girl Kate and that was all she wrote. With John working so many hours, it's so nice to concentrate on family time over the weekend. It's fun, isn't it?

Other news... learned that my Toby Mac has a new album coming out and I think I'll use it as one of my weight loss rewards. If you have a young princess in your home you most certainly have at least ONE of the Barbie movies. Some of my fav's are Barbie in the Nutcracker and The Princess and the Pauper. You must get your booty over to My Happy Place where almost all of the DVD's are marked down to $5.50. Not clearanced, just their regular price. We got Barbie of Swan Lake. Discovered some AWESOME J.R. Watkins lemon cream hand lotion. First of all, it smells like a lemon pie. I could lick my hands. Also, have to love any product that has the word 'apothecary' on it. Four words that have changed my life forever... whole wheat pizza dough. Mama Rosas (which I don't think is nation wide. Not sure) and Boboli both make one. My kids didn't even notice and it had a really great flavor.

I guess that's it. Carry on.

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meems said...

does sound like a fun weekend!

I'm giggling about the mini tacos at the Italian place.