Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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The simple things that make life my life easier/better in superficial way...
  • allergy medicine
  • programable coffee maker
  • coffee
  • Swiffers
  • detangling (hair) spray
  • DVR
  • skillet meals
  • this crazy little thing called email
  • digital photos
  • air conditioning
  • automatic van doors
  • dishwasher
  • dogs who lick up spills
  • drive-thru pharmacy
  • microwave
  • kids who shower/bathe on their own

And that's it. Nothing deep or thought-provoking. Just me being grateful for little things.

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1 comment:

Laura said...

I love your list! I have to say...one of the greatest things is when your kids can go take a shower/bath on their own! AND...my oldest can now help my littlest get his bath too. It is SO nice!!