Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gratituesday... summer storms

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We've had a couple of really crazy storms the last two days. I LOVE SUMMER! There isn't anything much more exciting than an approaching summer storm... and maybe even a tornado. Well, ok, I wouldn't REALLY want a tornado where someone was hurt or major damage was done, but it's always such a thrill to hear of a funnel being spotted and venturing out after it's passed to find trees knocked down. I know, I know, it's sick.

Here's one from yesterday and I swear on my life that I did not doctor this photo up one bit. This is straight off my camera.

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I also just drove through another one with the kids. John called my friends house, where we were hanging out, to suggest that I scurry on home because of a tornado watch. I'm glad I did, because as we headed out to the van I realized that the sky was green and black and the thunder was starting to rumble. OOooo... the thrill of it all! BUT, I will also make it quite clear that I am very, very, very grateful that I have a strong, safe place of shelter.

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On another note... today is the last day of school for the kids. I woke them up by jumping on their beds and crying out, "Last day of school! Last day of school!" For some unknown reason they were not thrilled with this. Kill joys.

Now, the older I become, the more and more schedule oriented I become. So I'm a wee bit sad about giving up my morning routine, which goes like this:
  • Up at 6:00 for quiet/bible time
  • Kids up at 6:55
  • Breakfast for kids, rotate laundry
  • Lay out clothes, pack bookbags, sign papers, lay out shoes
  • Declutter downstairs, vacuum, fold laundry
  • Out to the bus stop at 7:50
  • Coffee with neighbors
  • Computer and coffee time

So I have this little nagging fear that my new morning schedule will go something like this:

  • Up at 6:00 for quiet/bible time
  • Computer and coffee
  • Computer and coffee
  • Kids up and in front of cartoons
  • Breakfast for kids
  • Computer and coffee

This is a real weak spot for me. I don't think I sit here because I'm 'lazy'... I just love being here! I love connecting with my friends and being creative with Photoshop and organizing things. BUT... I will work on this!

I told Johnny ahead of time that he WILL cooperate picture-wise this morning.

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This has been an awesome year. My kids have done SO well. Johnny is a 4th grade graduate and Eden an kindergartner one. I'm so proud!

*Yes, it's raining this morning so I had to use the dreaded flash. GAH!


Laura said...

I'm totally not a fan of tornados, but I do like to experience God's power through the rumbling of thunder and a nice summer rain! It's awesome!

Michele said...

I love listening to summer storms (as long as everyone is safe)! :) We've had some really blustery weather here lately, and I'm really enjoying it!