Sunday, February 03, 2008

Can't help lovin' that man of mine

I love having a husband that makes me laugh.

An email exchange from last week:

Me (upon receiving information that our weather would be warming-up again): "Grr.. more doggie mush [in our backyard]. I think I'll run out there today and pick up the doggie no-no's."

John: The frozen no-no's? Really, a 30-year-old woman is going to call it 'no-no's'? Come on now, you can be more creative than that.

If you want to be socially responsible (and green): biodegradable nutrient nuggets
If you want to be crude: dog-s***
If you want to be christian: dog mana
If you want to be british: squish n' chips
If you want to be technical: anally extruded dog food waste by-product
If you want to be two-years-old: augi pooh
If you step in it: uh-oh's

But please, don't ever call it 'no-no's'.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

ha ha, that made me laugh too! thanks for the chuckle

Sinead said...

LMAO, Val! That's hilarious!

Oh, and love your new header (however new it is--I usually read on bloglines but had to come here to post the comment. ;) ). Super pretty!

Anonymous said...

I have the best brother-in-law! I'm am sighing with contentment. Love and miss you all. Talk soon.

Lori said...

ROFLMAO... hysterical! Thanks for the laugh!

Ana A. said...

Val, did you receive the questions for the interview at Scrapblog??

ChloƩ said...

ROFLMAO, that's so great!

Laura_A said...

HAHA, freakin' hilarious. He and Jaime would so get along.

Nonnie said...

I had a good laugh on this one Val. Have to share it with DH, he'll get a kick out of it. I just rake my doggie no no's into a pile then shovel them up and cart them off to be burried in the back yard somewhere. Of course, our backyard is forrest so I can get away with it. :-)