Saturday, November 24, 2007

At least we know who has the brains.

Ok, so we've had Maggie for nearly 5 years now. We joke about her being dumb, but we haven't had any other dogs to compare her with. Till this fall. London is 5 months old and by far surpasses Maggie's mental abilities. Here we have 'the gate'. This is the gate that keeps our noisy, sloppy, hyper Maggie in the kitchen at night, when we leave the house or when I just can't take her annoying-ness any longer. She could EASILY hop over this gate (actually, she did once trying to get at the vacuum... which only makes her more dumb because she doesn't remember that she can do it). She is also very strong and could push it over w/o much effort.
Enter London. With in a few weeks of being gated, she chewed through the mesh and escaped. See the cable ties on the left side of the gate, running up to the top. I came in from the bus stop one morning to see London running around the living room like, "Hi Mom!" and Maggie sitting behind the gate like, "Gosh darn it!" So I get all smart and use cable ties and fix the gate.
A few days later, she chews a new hole at the bottom, so I use more cable ties. Duh, she chewed a new hole w/in 30 minutes. So for a few days it was like a little doggie door for her. She would come in and out at will. Which was fine, till she got out and had an accident on my carpet. So we made a temporary adjustment with a pizza box (we're so suave). When in desperation, one turns to empty food containers. I wanted to go out and buy a new gate, but Thanksgiving hit, then the craziness of after-Thanksgiving-shoppers.
If you're still following this riveting tale, then you'll not be surprised that she maneuvered through our clever plan.

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meems said...

LOL, this reminds me of when we had 2 cats. I would block off a doorway and the smaller (and smarter cat) would just leap over while the bigger cat would sit there and be sad.

Laurie said...

I loved the story of your new puppy!! As a dog owner and lover myself, I can relate. Sometimes I actually miss those puppy days :)

Anonymous said...

Hey my dad has a cool plastic one that kind of works like a shower tension rod. I think it is a baby one. Not sure where they got it or the brand though.

Your story is too funny!


Winkapot said...

LOL! I used to have the same problem. I bought 3 pet gates and even had a toddler gate. I eventually got tired so I welded my own sturdier and more dependeble version of a gate. It never failed me!