Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little tid-bits

Because I was up with a sick child and 2 rediculously annoying dogs 1/2 the night and do not feel like getting off the couch... some fun stuff that I enjoy.

Still one of my favorite Youtubes (is that a word?)

Must learn how to make one of these (I know, I'm too cheap to actually purchase one). I have a particular little sister (actully two) who would love to have one.

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Tia Bennett knows what we like. I WILL MAKE THESE TREES.

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Don't agree with everything this woman has to say, but BOY do I ever admire someone who makes a bold statement about their convictions and actually lives their life accordingly. I've been lurking around her blog for awhile.

Everything is good on the homefront. We had great reports during our parent-teacher conferences last week (naturally). Still working on housetraining London (which is a test of patience). Looking forward to Christmas, though I'm not sure if we will have guests because three certian individuals (ahem!) will not get their acts together and finalize plans. You know who you are... and I know where you live.


Anonymous said...

Was going to call you tommorow, Dweeb. Because I will actually have MONEY to buy a TICKET to come and see you for Xmas. You can count me in. I just might be coming in to Detroit of Toledo, do you think someone will be able to come pick me up? Love

Anonymous said...

Now now, no trash-talking: I have my ticket.

And I'm super pumped!