Monday, October 15, 2007

When Two Becomes Three

You know, Maggie and Tinkerbell have always and a love-hate relationship... Maggie loves the cat, the cat hates Maggie. Now we've gone and thrown a new puppy into the mix. Oh lordy! I think Maggie and London are coming to an agreement, but Tink is still extremely ticked. I swear I can read her face and it says, "What were you THINKING?" It is very funny to see them all together though. In this first picture Maggie and London were going to town wrestling (Maggie is SO careful about it... now) and Tink was just watching them from above, like "you two are total morons".

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And in this one Tink has her paw midair, as she keeps popping London in the face when she gets too close. This, of course, does not deter the puppy one bit. I think it makes it even more fun for her.

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Williams_Melody said...

Val they are so CUTE! I can't wait to sit with a cup of coffee and watch them with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Val! I can't stand it. It was the best laugh of the day to see all your "adopted children" at play....or whatever.:-)
Can't wait to see Isa. Oops!! I mean London.:-) It's very strange to see London. I can't help thinkinh of Isa. They look so much alike!!!:-)
I liked your article about how Eden did on her check up. Remember we had the same issues with Bret? Maybe you don't. Anyway, we were always eligible for WIC because he was so under the charts. But, always healthy as anything.:-)
Love you, Mom