Monday, October 29, 2007

Eden at 5

Eden had her 5 year check-up last week (yeah, we take our time with these things around here). Now, I know that this is a little thing we joke a lot about... her size. She is tiny. I'm not quite sure how she ended up so small. I'm not a particularly small person, and John is way tall. Johnny is also small for his age, but not as drastically as his sister.

At 32 pounds she is at the 4th percentile for her weight.

At 36 inches she is less than the 3rd percentile for her height.

The only thing I can attribute this to is her heart issues when she was baby. She was born with 3 separate and distinct heart murmurs (of which only 1 remains). A dr. once suggested that since her heart was working harder than normal that it could've been using up the extra energy that would have normally added to her growth. So that's the explanation that I like to stick with. I don't think that she would've EVER been a large child (look at her brother) but I really think the heart thing took her smallness a step further.

We have 2 dr's at our ped's office. One is older and freaks out about these things. When she was a baby I had to bring her in EVERY WEEK to be weighed. Now that was annoying. I would try to nurse her right up until the moment we walked in that exam room, trying to get any extra ounce added to her that I could. I was on the verge of feeling like a bad mommy. Then another dr. came in and realized that, hey, some kids are just small. DUH. She is proportionate, she is smart and energetic and crazy. And she has the tiny chipmunk voice to match.

Just stuff I think about when she is getting weighed and measured :)
And she's so pretty too.

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Everything about her is fantastic, so she's cuter than everyone else her age: no surprise there.

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Aw, she's gorgeous.