Sunday, July 01, 2007

Girly stuff today...

Didn't realize till I sat down to post these pictures what a girly day I had today. I love me some pink.
Here's Eden modeling her birthday dress from Nana and Papa. She about passed out when she saw those ribbons. It's totally 'her'.

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Woke up this morning with the incredible urge to MAKE SOMETHING. Know what I'm talking about? There's a gazillion things to DO around here, but I needed to CREATE. Found this cute totebag pattern , jogged on over to the fabric store and then sat down to work. Can't wait to run errands with this baby.

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meems said...

Eden is adorable and very cute dress. And wow, you can sew? Great bag!

Sinead said...

oh, i know! I get that urge all the time! Half the time I'm too ambitious, though, and my project only gets half finished. i can't tell you how many half-finished things there are around here. lol Love those pics of Eden, especially the close-up one! What a doll! That bag is super cute, too!