Friday, January 12, 2007

Hamster on the loose!

Ok, funny little story from the other day. Johnny and Eden got hamsters for Christmas. Two cute, fuzzy little fancy hamsters named Sprite and Pepsi One. I've been freaking out about them getting lose when John (yes, not the kids... JOHN) is playing with them. He insists that he knows what he's doing and would I PLEASE chill out? So the other day I decided that their cage needed a good cleaning, I kept them in one little compartment that detaches from the rest of the cage and kept the hole covered up by shoving it against the wall, so they couldn't escape. Cleaned out the cage, and then totally forgot about the hole in the compartment, move the whole thing away from the wall, turned to make one final adjustment to the cage, and when I looked back there was only ONE hamster in the compartment. ACK! I look over and see the other one sitting in a hole that's under our cupboard (we need to find one little piece of trim to finish that, btw). I go to slowly scoop it up when the cat see's it.

I swear I never saw that cat move so fast.

We caught her by the feet and drug her out from under the cupboard. Little Sprite was no where in view.

NOw, as a kid when this would happen I would just wait for the thing to come out, sometimes it took a few days but they always turned up. Well, I couldn't very well abandon it with the cat on the prowl. So we chopped up some carrots and made a trail leading out from the cupboard and set up our stake out. Only 20 minutes later it came out, nibbling the carrots as he went.


AFter being in the house all week with a coughing sniffling preschooler, this was great excitement.
More 1000 Actions
10. drank tea at bedtime
11. worked out at the gym
12. had a pear when i was hungry mid-afternoon
13. started You:On a Diet
14. bought a new scale
15. bought a tape measure
16. had an apple as an afternoon snack
17. did 2 pilates videos back to back
18. parked further away from the grocery store
19. traded wings for naked chicken tenders

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Michelle said...

Oh - your header is just too cute!
I never did hear when you found hamsters after Christmas and how that all went! Too funny on the cat and the escape! LOL!