Saturday, October 07, 2006

That darn...

Andrea has gone and tagged me. And yes, if anyone else tags me they'll get the same title.

I have to list 5 (only 5?) weird things about me and tag 5 other people who will do the same.

  1. I really enjoy sleeping at the foot of the bed. I would do it every night if I weren't afraid of John taking it personally. I think I need my head to be closer to the middle of the room, because I didn't do this 1/2 as much BEFORE we moved our bed.
  2. I hate crunch things in my ice cream... esp. nuts. When I was a kit I HATED butter pecan ice cream, so I thought it was the nuts I didn't like. Nope, just don't like 'em in the ice cream.
  3. I wear flip flops about 8 months out of the year. Even when my little toesies are freezing off.
  4. I love peanut butter and butter sandwiches
  5. Spiders just don't scare me at all... but show me a centipede and I fall all to pieces. HATE THOSE FRIGGIN' THINGS!

ok, now to tag 5 of my peeps.




And you know what? That is all I am doing because everyone has been tagged this week already, lol!


Amber said...

:D I wear sandals ALL year long unless there is snow on the ground. :D LOVe that!

Andrea* said...

Peanut butter AND butter?

Yikes! And the spider thing... thats me freaking in the corner!

Luv ya Val~

"that darn andrea" LOL!