Saturday, September 30, 2006

3 parties, but still only 8

By the time we're finished with Johnny's 3 birthday parties I'll have to remind myself that he still only had ONE birthday. It's a long story, but today is party #2 out of 3. His actual birthday was last saturday, and I wanted to post these pictures then, but my scanner wasn't feeling well. He wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Then we had cake with Grandma and Grandpa and opened presents. A Red Ryder B.B. gun ('He'll shoot his eye out!') an iDog and Zathura the board game.

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My boy's first Christmas. Three months old. December 1998.

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My boy today. 8 years old. September 2006.

In another 8 years he will be 16 and probably out driving a car and probably hating me for something I did and probably still building with Legos and having lots of girls as friends. (Only friends though. I think he will be like his dad and have LOTS of girls say that they love him 'as a friend'. I'm totally ok with that.)

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JennStar said...

He'll shoot his eye out!!! LOL!!!!! We LOVE that movie!!
Happy Birthday!!!! Hope his remaining parties are great fun!