Thursday, March 02, 2006

Get it together, Val!

Normally when I'm off my blog for awhile the assumption is that I'm busy working on stuff... which is not the case this time. I'm just FLOUNDERING around, very annoying. John sees this going on and asks me, "Are you taking your meds?" My sister, "Have you changed your meds? Drinking too much?" And the truth is, NOTHING has changed. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, taking charge of my life and being responsible taking time out for myself.

But I'm feeling depressed. It's been awhile. Feels slightly unrecognizable.

Don't wanna do much. Don't wanna talk much.


Need to figure out how to break out of this again.


Stephanie said...

That's the joy of being medicated. It's the first thing people think has changed, isn't it?

I didn't think you changed meds, I just figured you were living that life thing that some people have.

I moved! My blog, and my home actually. Keven and I got a place in Manitou. We should have a phone chit-chat, you know, in real time, and catch up. Love love and xoxo

Rachael Giallongo said...

Isn't it funny (in a not funny kind of way) how we can SEE the hole and yet fall into it again and again? *sigh* Anyway, just wanted to post to remind you that you are not alone. Others are cheering you on, even just silently when you need it! XO,

Lacey said...

Isn't it aggrivating that the first thing everyone assumes is that we aren't taking our meds.

I know that I don't know you or anything about you other than you are a kick butt designer but this post really hit home. I am bipolar and get asked this question all too often. Hope you are doing better!