Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kids are weird...

Johnny is off school this week for Winter Break (yeah, I know. We only had one day off for Winter Break when I was little. These kids are SPOILED!) so I decided to be a fun mommy and surprise the kids with a trip to the movie theater yesterday. While driving down there I played a little guessing game with them as to where we were going.

Me: We can have a snack there.
Johnny: A big new gas station?
M: No. You can sit down there.
J: A resteraunt?
M: No.
J: A brand new resteraunt?
M: No.
J: A farm?
M: No. You have to be kind of quiet there.
J: The library!
M: No, you can't eat snacks at the library.
J: Oh. A train station?
M: No. It will be kind of dark.
J: Someone's house with the lights off?
M: No. The seats fold up.
J: (exasperated) Well I give up. These don't match up to anything!
M: Think about it... where can we go where you can sit in a seat that folds up and eat a snack?
J: ... to the theater to see Hoodwinked!!!!!!

Ahh... good work, Grasshopper.


*Tegan* said...

LOL, Kids are so cute!!! I really want to take Tyler to see Curious George in the theater. It will be his first movie, so we will see how it will end up going!

Lynds said...

LOL I totally love "someones house with the lights off" made me luagh. So how was the movie?

Kimberly Giarrusso said...

HAHAHAAHHAA!! That is too funny. I laughed out loud when you said..."Ah, good work grasshoppper".