Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beware of Sick House

Ok, so Johnny's been sick for days. Had four tubes of blood drawn this morning and the dr. just called to tell us that he did, indeed, test negative for mono. Thank God. Poor kid hasn't been to school since last Thursday. Then Eden woke in the middle of the night and thew-up in her bed. Oy! The sad thing is that she told me all day yesterday that she didn't feel good, but I didn't believe her. I thought she was trying to get the kind of attention Johnny was getting. (And in the middle of that last sentance she decided to perform a lovely diarrhea act and I had to rush her upstairs. Oh, the joy of it all.) I'm telling you I am going to put a quarantine warning on our front door.

Here's the basic scene of the house:
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And since I'm still fighting my own cold while trying to keep up with these two, I haven't cleaned or cooked a single thing:
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And you know what I have an incredible craving for? Shrimp. Lots of yummy, Red Lobster shrimp. And some of those tasty Cheddar Bay Biscuits.


Leslie said...

I hope ya' all feel better soon! *Hugs*

Lynds said...

hey now! You still have my cold? Sorry 'bout those internet koodies! But as soon as I was feeling a little better, the first thing I craved was Lobster from Red Lobster dipped in butter. DH took me on Monday, maybe you could talk about it enough that your DH craves it and takes you when you feel better. :) Hope you and yours are healthy again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully everyone feels better soon!! I have been craving some red lobster as well. MMM, my fav. is crab alfredo though. YUM!!

Laura_A said...

Oooo, the cheddar bisquits, yummy! I hope your sickies are feeling better and that you DON'T come down with this. Thank heaven it's not mono!