Friday, January 20, 2006


12 years ago I was sitting on my bedroom floor when I heard a song on the radio that just rocked my world. I thought it was completely unique and that the lyrics were fresh and unorthodoxed and... cool. That song was 'Big House' by Audio Adrenaline and I ran right out and bought the Don't Censor Me cassette tape (yes, cassettes... remember those? My kids think they're weird.) and it started a love-affair that has run true and steady.

So sad to hear that after the release of their next album, Adios, and their summer concert tours, that the band will be disolving. Yup, read it here for yourself. It's been great, guys. Thanks for the inspiration, for the rockin' lyrics, for your good works to mankind, for keeing the focus on Jesus and living a life that is pleasing to Him.



Britt(any) said...

Thanks for the sweet email...and I can't believe Audio A is retiring! That's my adolesence in a CD!!!!! (My first Audio A was a cassette of Bloom...LOL.)

Charlene said...

It's your fault! I've had "Big House" in my head for the past two days, with no idea why...then I saw this post right below the giveaway, and read the whole thing. I must have seen the title of the song and not realized it :) How sad that they're dissolving. They're an amazing group, and have touched many lives through their music. Thanks for letting us know!
Charlene (berekah)