Tuesday, December 20, 2005

~Monday BLOG Challenge~ (on Tuesday, oppsie)

Since we're right in the midst of the holiday season, I thought I would ask all of you to share your favorite holiday memory for this week's Monday Blog Challenge.

I think my favorite Christmas memories are the ones that involve surprises.

Like the Christmas we got our three-wheeler. My dad had put it in the kitchen and didn't tell anyone. After we started opening gifts my mom went into the kitchen to make coffee or something. The story goes that she walked around it and everything before she even realized it was there. We heard a scream. We all went running. We have a photo of 5 sleepy-headed kids sitting on a three-wheeler in the middle of the kitchen.

Next memory: same story, only it was bikes in the livingroom. Guess dad found something that worked and wanted to stick with it. Becky goes in to turn on some Christmas music. We hear a scream. We all go running. 3 ten-speed bikes lined up in front of the couch. Mine was blue & purple. Sweet.

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