Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last Day of School!

Today is Johnny's last day of school... bring on Christmas break! He's so excited that he went hopped right on the bus with a sore throat and chest (I know, bad Mommy... but he didn't want to stay home!). I am so excited for Christmas this year... we've had such a fun time already.

So, lots of stuffs to do today:
1. cut and arrange fruit trays for Johnny's class party
2. make Brownie Pie for party at Julie and Derek's tonight
3. make Fruity Pebble treats for the kids tonight
4. make sure all gifts are wrapped
5. run out for pecans so I can make my cinnamon-roasted nuts
6. pick up Panera gift card for Johnny's teacher
7. toss together a couple of Christmas cards
(and then, of course, attend both parties and make merriment)

Fun, fun, fun.

Got to work with Laura Alpuche's Signature Collection last night... such a beautiful kit! Of course this photo was pretty inspiring on it's own. This is my sister and her family. Love that she keeps sending me this stuff :)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Layout!!! I use my brother and sister a lot for inspiration! How could you not though? Your family is adorable!!