Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ohmyfreakinggosh she did it again.

A couple years ago Eden put the fan of a toy sucker too close to her head at Blockbuster, got her hair tangled up in it and I had to ask for a pair of scissors to cut it out. If you're in my family you probably remember this. I was able to see the humor in it pretty quickly.

THIS, however, is utterly ridiculous. Same story, different tangling device. She found this remote control car in the basement, took it apart and was fascinated by the moving parts inside. She leans in to listen to it.

I'm on my way out the door for the kid's cross-country practice and I hear her from upstairs, "Uh, mom. Emergency!"

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I'm beginning to be a pro at this!

Also, I'm starting a series of tutorials on Heather Roselli's blog. A new one is up today and since I'm calling it Tutorial Tuesday you can wisely assume that another one will be available next Tuesday. There was another one posted last Tuesday if you scroll down a bit.

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jpysgrl said...

oh noooo! Hope the cut is not too noticable.