Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LOL O' the Day - Wednesday

I have set up a DVR series recording for Body in Numbers to use as an educational tool masked as a TV show for the kids. First one we watched was really good and talked about the human body from birth to age 10. After it was over there was a blurb announcing what the next episode would be, which will cover age 10 to middle age. And what do they blurt out? "How much sex will we have?" John and I stare at each other, our so wide they start to dry out. Eden pipes up with her all-knowing ton of voice,

"You know what THAT means Johnny..."

eyes wider... dryness is definitely an issue at this point...

"LOTS of kissing."

hands over mouth... racing to the kitchen to laugh.

Mental note: view show BEFORE plopping kids in front of 'educational' TV.

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Nonnie917 said...

That got me laughing so hard dry eyes weren't a problem for me.