Tuesday, March 04, 2008

High School Musical: The Ice Tour

We got a surprise call on Friday that John's boss was inviting us to see the High School Musical on ice show the following day. What a rockin' surprise! We got to watch from the box (ie. suite) and have lunch and everything. Is 'thrilled out of your gourd' an expression? I nearly peed myself.

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Johnny was not in the least bit interested in going. Once we got there, however, he decided that he would keep his binoculars glued to his head in hopes of seeing someone wipe-out. He finally got his chance in the last 10 minutes of the show when Troy bit it.

Eden declared on the drive up, "Mom, I'm probably going to scream." Ok. I can handle that. I'm probably going to scream too. Er, um... I really need to teach that child the proper concert-scream, as she mostly sounded like a pigeon having its legs ripped off.

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I was not the only mom singing along.

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I was not (I swear) one of the mommies who whistled when Troy changed shirts in act 2.

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I did scream and clap when Troy and Gabriella fiiiiinally kissed in Act 1.

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We caught up with our best-friends after the show. Maddie and Eden plopped down right there on the floor to flip through the program/yearbook-that-plays-music. I think all yearbooks should play music now. Eden has her HSM purse and Maddie has her Sharpay Barbie. Eden also brought an extra pair of underpants in her purse ("Just in case"). They were very prepared.

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meems said...

rofl about the proper concert scream and extra pair of underwear

LOL @ Johhnny and wipe-out witnessing hopes