Thursday, December 20, 2007

25 Days of Christmas PAD Day 20

(oh dear, I just realized that the PAD stuff isn't in here and I can't find the download at this moment... will get to it soon!)

Some fun stuff I've found...

These are cracking me up. Most of this stuff I blurt out as the gift is being opened. I think it might could be nicer to have it sitting silently on the tag.

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Article on how to keep my dog from chewing shoes.

  1. Put shoes out of reach. (My shoes are kept in a basket by the door. They are eye-level with my dog. If I move them up they will be on the diningroom table. Not acceptable.)

  2. Spray with a scent/taste they don't like. (Well, my dog ate a pile of puke yesterday.)

  3. Be consistent. (well, ok, I can work with that one).

  4. Distract puppy (trade a fluffy, feather-filled slipper for half-chewed bone?)

  5. Buy some fun toys (like new shoes?)

  6. Buy some chewing bones (think they come in shoe shapes?)

  7. Take energy-butsting walks (Ok, I can get behind this one, only it's 25 degrees out and for all I know she'll come home ready to relax with a good shoe.)

The puppy days won't last... the puppy days won't last...

Get lost here.

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