Monday, September 17, 2007

Tears, tears and more tears

Do not be fooled by this first-day-of-school-smile.

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The newness has definately worn off. My poor girl cries every morning. EVERY MORNING. She cries when she gets out of bed. She cries during breakfast, putting bites of pancakes in between snuffles. She cries while I'm brushing her teeth (try THAT one). She misses mom. She doesn't want to go to school. She even says, "Mom? Can you just PLEASE homeschool me?" Aside from just a couple of days, though, she doesn't do this IN school. Just the seperation anxiety gets to her. I thought we got this out of the way with during preschool last year. We are in week 3 of Kindergarten... will she get used to this soon?


meems said...

awww. If she's okay in school, that's a good sign, I would think?

I don't have any advice though b/c I do homeschool LOL.

jpysgrl said...

Poor Baby! I hope it gets better. said...

Wow!!! What a switch from the day before and the first morning!
Separation anxiety is very common, and this isn't an unusual request to make of Eden:-)
She's so social, I'm sure in a week or so that will begin to disipate. She will begin to make friends and have more of a reason to leave your side and go to school.