Monday, July 30, 2007

10 years ago...

10 years ago yesterday John got down on one knee on the foot bridge by St. Mary's Park and proposed. He was very nervous and tried to put the ring on the wrong finger, but he finally got it right and I said yes. There was an older couple on the bridge watching and saying, "Aww" and we both remember that the church bells had just started to ring. We went over to my future in-laws home to share the news, then went to the fair and walked around, though I think the only thing I was really looking at was my shiny new ring. He was very sweet last night and took all of us to the park and made us walk up over the bridge before the kids went to play. I had no idea what he was doing (yeah, I'm kinda slow like that). He took us to the very spot where he proposed and told the kids, "Kids, 10 years ago today I asked your mom to marry me right in this very spot." They were so not interested. This was not going over well with John who wanted to see them melt with admiration or something. So he started telling Johnny that if he hadn't asked me to marry him, and if I hadn't said yes, that he (Johnny) wouldn't even exist. Johnny said that, yes, he would exist, but he wouldn't be Johnny. "I'd probably be born in China or something."


Valerie said...

What a sweet story!
LOL at Johnny. Kids are too funny.

Michelle said...

That is so cool that he took you back there yesterday - so sweet! :)
ROFL on what Johnny said - just too funny! Make a page about that!!!!

Sinead said...

How sweet! And LMAO at Johnny...clearly he is his mother's son!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I LOVE that kid. Poor John. I know he loves that sentimental stuff. But seriously. Hilarious.

Can't believe it's been 10 years Val. Where did it go?


meems said...

Your DH sounds like such a sweet guy.
LOL at your son.
How are those math worksheets coming along?