Thursday, April 05, 2007

Biggest Loser Layouts

I've set up a new blog that is just for my Biggest Loser/weight loss layouts. It's over on the right-hand menu, or you can click here. Bascially, the first one at the bottom is the first page I made, and they'll continue in order as I create and upload. When I reach my goal I'm going to have them printed and I'll be SO proud :)


meems said...

hee hee, love that cartoon in your header. so so so true, as I can attest to practically everyday.

jennieb75 said...

I read all of your weight-loss LO's... they are so inspiring!! What a wonderful way to document your journey... When you've reached your goal and are living the healthy (attainable) lifestyle... this will be a fantastic book (and great motivator) for you!!!
And thanks for the motivation for me too... I've slipped off the gym wagon for a week... I'm going back tomorrow!!
Luv ya!!

Lori said...

These are fantastic Val! You're going to have a wonderful record of your weight loss journey when you reach your goal! Keep it up!! :) Good luck in round 3!

Nonnie917 said...

WOW Val, those pages are cool. Such talent. I have been on a diet too, but haven't kept very good records or pictures. Really cool Val.