Sunday, March 18, 2007

New play stuff...

I stumbled across an awesome sale at Scrap Artist this morning and did myself some shoppin'. See, another thing I love about digi, shoppin' in my jammies and getting the product instantly.

I saw these papers by Lisa Whitney featured on Disc Talk a few weeks ago and knew that I was going to want them. Hmm... on sale? Sweet!

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And also these beautiful flowers. I used my painting options with PSP on nearly every page before I switched to PS. I miss that look a lot, so I'm really excited to have these.

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and these by Amber Clegg

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I see some pretty pages forth coming.

Need to give a shout-out to my girl Ana Amorim. She's been a sweet, sweet addition to my creative team over the last few months and keeping her head above water with limited English. I'm so inspired by her. She's trying her hand at some designing and doing very well. Check out these frames she made. They're available on her Scrap Blog for a very limited time, so pick 'em up now! I looooove the 4 paneled one. Looks like I did all the hard work, lol!

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meems said...

It's taking nearly all my resolve but so far I've been able to resist the SA sale (I will not look, I will not look, I will not look).

Fortunately I already have Artsy Fartsy vol1 and the Painted Flowers, whew. Otherwise I'd be very tempted to head over there.

Adorable layout!