Monday, August 28, 2006

Hope you're sitting down...

Cause this is an honest-to-goodness snapshot of John and I together. I didn't even clone one of us into the photo ;) My sister and BIL are in town so we found sitters for all the kids and spent an evening up in Greektown. Went to our favorite resteraunt and checked out the casino. We have 3 casinos in Detroit now (put in about... oh, 6 years ago maybe?) and I've only been to the MGM. We mostly walked around and watched everyone else playing. We each sunk a 20 in the slots. John doubled his money (at which point I would've cashed out) and then slowly pissed his earnings away. We had a drink and enjoyed the break from parenting :) So anyway, at the resteraunt, I had my sis snap this picture.

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Now, I realize it appears that someone is holding knives to our backs and forcing us to smile, but we really were having a good time. I swear.

OMG. When did we start dressing alike?

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Lynds said...

You two are so cute!!! Sounds like a fantastic time, glad you two got out together!