Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Oh man, what a long time since I've sat down at the computer! Didn't even miss it, really. Kind of reluctant to jump back into the digi game. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get going though.

Let's see... my Colorado trip was SO nice. I AM IN LOVE with my new neice. The child is more than precious. She has these BIG kissable cheeks and crystal blue eyes and mushy lips. She didn't laugh a whole lot, but when she smiled at me I melted into a puddle. Had some great hangout time with Ty. He is just more and more enjoyable all the time. We went to see Cars, had lunch, went to the park and played a cool new Sorry game. I love that he can teach me things and navigate me all over the city (I get so lost out there!) and have adult conversations with me.

If you didn't know that I was going out there for my baby sister's wedding, I was. And if you didn't know that then you didn't know that she called her wedding off a week before the event. I am SO proud of her for making the right decision despite it's low comfort level. Very brave girl. She decided to go ahead and have the wedding dinner with the family anyway, it was a sweet, slightly awkward night that went very well. We were there to love Steph and tell her that we supported her and would always be there for her.

And to eat exquisite food.

The table was COVERED with shrimp, escargot, lamb chops and horseradish cream, lobster bisque, wild boar, Waldorf salads, roasted tomatoes, rattlesnake tamales, sea scallops, gormet mushrooms and cheeses, steaks, lobster rissoto and glasses and glasses of wine and champagne and cocktails. We ate and drank for 4 hours. It was heaven. Ok, maybe just the outskirts.

Here is a Flickr pool of some photos I took while there. Mostly Hannah and Tyler.

I got home Friday night and we packed up a picnic first thing Saturday morning and headed up to the lake. It was a perfectly hot and breezy day and we came home full of sun and sand.

Here are some pictures I took there.

John also surprised me (well, stunned me, really) by ripping out the carpet in our bedroom, sanding the floors and putting a polyurethane finish down. It is AWESOME! I was totally taken off guard and I love it.


Justine (aka Bellbird) said...

awwe - hannah's gorgeous - some great pics of tyler and her together - and that is a serious high chair BTW - it's huge! welcome back

Anonymous said...

Your husband is AWESOME!!!!!

And thank you for the lovely post. I knew my children were beautiful, but your photography...OMG, they're stunning. Can't wait to get there and spend some quality time with you and YOUR beautiful family Val. Love you like crazy! Becky