Sunday, June 11, 2006


We had a gradutaion party followed by a double-birthday party to attend yesterday. Both outside events. Both on the most beautiful June day I believe Michigan has ever seen. I charged my batteries, emptied my memory card, packed up my camera and was ready to attack anything that smiled.

And what do I do? Take 4 pictures of Eden eating a slice of watermelon.

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Yeah, I really captured that day. Dork.

We are going to a Mudhens game for John's company picnic today. Yummy food, gorgeous weather, the whole family in ballcaps. I will be better. I promise.


sarah j said...

well if it makes you feel better, those are some pretty darn cute pictures! i expect to see you scrap those soon! :) have a great day with your family!

ChloƩ said...

LOL, you crack me up! These pix are cute, though, especially the last one. Why do children always want to show what they're eating to the camera??? Maybe I'll get the answer when I have kids... well, maybe not! Looks like a fun day anyway!

Anonymous said...

Val, those make me think of my favorite 4 year old pictures of Ty (the 12 year old) eating watermelon at a family picnic on a similar Michigan summer day. I'd LOVE copies of the Eden pictures to display too! ~~~~~ Bec