Friday, March 24, 2006

Well the bloggin' challenge at TDC is to post your favorite, current layouts. Here's a couple I did of my neice, Hannah. My sister is soooooooooo good about emailing me pictures of her and recently sent a whole disk with a slew of photos and video clips. It's the only way I can get to know this darling baby at all. I'm planning to visit SOON, but it's so hard to arrange sometimes! I'm so crazy about the babies in my life and it's killing me that I can't see her on a regular basis. Actually, the last time I saw her she was only a few days old. Look how big and chubby and pretty she's gotten!

I'm not crediting these. If you really wanna know who made what you can email me ;)

My sister named this photo 'towelhead' so of course I had to title the layout the same. She had some really bright pupils in the orginal shot (not QUITE 'redeye' but still not right). I don't usually have to fix this problem, so I actually learned some new stuff about my red-eye removal function (Paint Shop Pro)... it does a lot!

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Ok, I said I wasn't going to credit, but these are some GORGEOUS papers from Jen Wilson and I love them so much I want to snuggle with them. This is my mom with Hannah. Seems like we're always saying, "Baby with her grandma" and such. It implies that the baby is the holder, the keeper of the grandparent. Well, this is about MY MOM and this is HER grandbaby.

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Angela said...

I SO love the Towel head one!!!!

Angedawn said...

I'm saying hi here on this one, but your thread about your night the other night is just cracking me up girl... lol! :) Love your new layouts too! :)

SaltyLaurie said...

beautiful LOs, but stop creditting, you're making me want to go buy all those kits! LOL!!