Thursday, March 09, 2006

National Get Over it Day

I've been thinking since yesterday, "What do I need to get over?" Well I've really learned over the past year to let a LOT of things go, a thing to be proud of. Of course there's more... here's a few off the top of my head... things i am going to LET GO of:
  • that after 4 1/2 years my bathroom is still unfinished
  • the stains on my livingroom rug
  • that i don't have nice clothes
  • that i'm comfortably above my suggested weight limit
  • the pain that my dog is ugly
  • my mothering insecurities
  • my WIFELY insecurities
  • a lost friendship
  • that i don't like to talk to people all the time
  • that my kids watch too much tv
  • that my marriage isn't 'like everyone elses'
  • that i only wear 2 pair of shoes
  • that my housekeeping would shame my mother
  • the pressure to be BUSY

Can I really do it????


AmyK said...

Good luck, Val. I know how you feel (except I don't have an ugly dog. LOL!). :)

Lis said...

Oh Val, I saw this link at TDC and had a look and have to say this post caught my eye...think I might take on your National Get Over it Day many things on your list I can relate too :)

Great blog by the way.

katef said...

Oh I sooooooooo so so need to do this! Great idea and good for you!