Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Christmas-y stuffs...

Here's how I did my table-top tree this year... with paper ornaments and ribbons. Last year (I think) I made tags with all my scrappin' and online buddies photos. Next year I want to make sugar cookies.
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Also, last weekend John and the kids and I sat down and made graham cracker versions of gingerbread houses. The kids spent no less than TWO HOURS decorating theirs (hallelujah!). John's didn't have a roof so we called it the Christmas Pueblo. Johnny already ate his. Here are pictures of mine and Eden's (and just so there's no confusion I labeled them):
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Go, and do something merry!


Lynds said...

Wow! These are so great! I am inspired! The gingerbread one you made at the class rocks too! Never would of thought you were a first timer.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you labeled them!! How fun is that!! I want to do that with Tyler, but he would eat more than decorate!!Looks so yummy though!! And I love your tree with the paper ornaments!! Something maybe I can do whenever we actually get a house!!

Laura_A said...

OMG, those are SO cute! Yours of course if very pretty, but Eden's... well, Eden's is so darn cute. It makes me want to hug her! Um, is that an avalanche next to the house? LOL We'll be making a big Gingerbread House when my parents get here. Fun stuff!