Saturday, December 10, 2005

Johnny's Poems

In the words of a second-grader:

I like when they hug
I don't like when they punish
But... I love... when they care about you.

I like G
(because it's 'good')
I don't like B
(because it's 'bad')
I like K
(because it's 'kind')
I don't like D
(because it 'destroys')

I like when my Gramma gives me Smarties
I don't like that my other Gramma's don't
I like that my Gramma's are alive
I don't like that one of them died


Anonymous said...

Oh that is toooo cute!! I love them all! I can't wait to see the things that come out of my boys mouths!! Thanks about the profile pic. It was the one I have always had up, but I was feeling a little wild and changed it to the other one for

JeNNa said...

Hey Val! Just stopped by to see what you're up to! I love your son's work! Very Sweet!