Friday, December 02, 2005

Gingerbread house!

I went to a gingerbread house workshop last night... what fun! I'm almost embaressed to show this simple little house, but at the same time I'm so proud I feel like my face is gonna break. It took about two hours to make, PURE FUN. I think I'll be adding to it, because there's a lot of landscapeing things I wanted to do, but ran out of time. Now the kids want to work on one, so this weekend I'm going to help them make little houses out of graham crackers. It will be a fun, messy time I'm sure.

Tell me how much you love it. I'm needy!

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Laura_A said...

I really DO love it! It's so cute.. I love the simple frame of it and especially the open door! It's so WONDERFUL to hear about you doing fun things just for you. Now, I wanta see another pic of this after you've added to it!