Saturday, August 06, 2005

He's baaaaaaaaaack

You may remember the story of the little puppy that we ended up with, and our little happy ending of finding his real owners. Well, guess what? He's back.

About 10:00 last night John and I heard some really strange yelping in the backyard and raced outside thinking something was wrong with Maggie. Boy were we surprised to see the same little puppy we released a little over a week ago.

Things we considered:
*They might have dropped him off
*How in the HECK did he get in our yard (we checked all the fences, can't figure it out)
*Why in the world can't these people keep hold of their puppy?
*Let's keep him
*Let's report these people
*He might think that THIS is his home
*How did he make that long trek by himself? AWESOME dog!
*Man he's gotten bigger!
*Now we know why his name is Chance (it's a good chance he'll keep showing up at our house)

I have a friend who works for the Humane Society. I think I'll give her a call and ask for some advice. Till then I'm enjoying having my little buddy back :)

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Jenn said...

Good grief!! Great photo, though! Too bad it's not plausible for you to keep him, he's a cutie. Great blog, btw! I love your how-to, fantastic idea. I also adore her haircut and funny little sayings--gotta love those things! I've book marked you for future reading! Thanks for sharing!

~scraprascal =)

Laura said...

OMG Val! He loves you! What a cute story. I hope everything works out.. he's so cute!

Paula said...

I say keep Chance. I am wondering if they did drop it off if you can't figure out how he got in the yard...keep him. Who couldn't love that

Paula (jorel)

Rose said...

I say keep him! He loves you not them, he came back to where he thinks home should be! It's his choice! HE CHOSE YOU! I say keep him. But be sure to keep him inside for a while til they stop looking for him!!!;0)

Angie said...

How sweet. He loves you guys. Im curious how this has turned out.

~ Carmel, Patrick & Rhiannon said...

Ohhh I just browse around and was touch with this story! Maybe it's a fate this dog belong to your family. Hope it'll happen. :) Breautiful dog!