Saturday, July 30, 2005

Buh bye, puppy

Well, our adventures in puppy-hood are over :( A happy ending though. Yesterday evening I received a phone call from a woman (who admited she was in the middle of dying her hair) who saw our ad in the paper and perfectly described this puppy. Actually, she described him better than I would if I were sitting there staring at him. Clearly her dog.

She and her son came right over to check the dog out and BOY was that thing happy to see them. Jumped in their arms and licked them all over and make quite a large ruckus. We had a nice little chat about the dog and she thanked us over and over for taking good care of him (ok, I bathed him and trimmed his nails and everything... I was about to name him Pixel) and then that was it... they drove off with my sweet little puppy.

Nine days. Nine days of puppy yelps and housetraining and licks on my hands and legs. Nine days of Maggie romping in the yard and nearly smiling (if a dog can do that) with happiness for her playmate. Nine days of extra feedings and lots of water and soft puppy fur between my fingers.

What a fun time. I'm so glad we were able to help.

See ya later, Pixel. If you show up again I'm not calling your real owners ;)

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Rose Farver said...

Val, just wanted to drop by and say hello. I especially enjoyed using your kit, and I was very moved by your whole blog, it struck a cord in me b/c I am similar in nature but still unmedicated or self medicated I should say, trying with proper diet and exercise to combat the mania...anyway it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.