Saturday, July 09, 2005


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After dinner (which I didn't want to cook but did so because I'm a good wife... and also because John said 'no' to Ruby Tuesdays) we pulled the bikes out, pumped the tires up with headed to the school playground... Johnny and I riding, John pushing Eden in the stroller.

Johnny... he hates riding his bike, but it's one of those things I feel he needs to be pushed on. He would be happy sitting in the house all day every day putting Lego's together. He's just that kind of kid. He's not daring or reckless or overly-physical. He likes to use his brain, which doesn't help him a lot when he's balancing on a bike with much-needed training wheels and trying not to wipe out on every corner.

I hope he gets better soon. I know his confidence will increase when he does.

Now me, I love my bike. It reminds me of my adolescent days when I rode my bike for at least an hour every morning in the summer. I'd get up way early before anyone else was awake and just ride and ride. Coasting over bumps, going up and down hills and feeling the wind rush in my ears and through my hair... mmmmm.

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