Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Today I am irritated because...

*dealing with female issues suck
*Eden was a crab at playgroup
*she made me leave playgroup early saying she didn't feel good
*she got mad because I wouldn't stop at the park on the way home
*my nose is itchy from allergies
*my house is a wreck
*I can't watch Everyday Italian because Eden is suddenly sick again (it seemed to diappear when she wanted to go to the park) and wants cartoons on and Maisey is ANNOYING to listen to
*I have two digital kits to finish and I am not remotely inspired to create anything
*because even when I try to 'fake it' I can not get out from under this invisible cloud
*because the dog won't stop barking at the neighbors she has know her WHOLE FRIGGIN' LIFE

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