Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I don't know WHERE he gets his mood-swings from...

We're having this issue with Johnny that I don't know how to fix, or if we're even supposed to try to fix. He will come home from school saying that it was 'the best day ever!', something small will happen (say, he lost a piece to one of his toys) and it's suddenly the 'worst day ever' and he will walk around and pout and whine and carry-on like he just lost his best-friend.

So this evening I took he and Eden to Denny's for dinner and we had the nicest time. The kids wore those funky masks (remember those?) and played and ate their body weight in nuggets and veggies and a hot fudge brownie sundae. After we got home he started the pouting because I told Eden she could play with his little laptop. It was suddenly the 'worst day ever' and the pouting was SO irritating that I gave him a notebook and pencil and told him to write down three good things that happened today. He handed me the first piece of paper you see below. It says, "Nothing, nothing, and nothing." I sent him back (holding back the giggles as best as I could) to try again. This time he brought me back the second sheet... a couple of good things and then a whole blurb of bad things. I think it would translate as 'home, mom, dad' as the good things... and the bad side says, "bad day" "bad things" "bad everyone" "bad everything".

Oy, this child. I'm pretty sure he DOESN'T get this from John. So... hmm... where does it come from?

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