Friday, March 04, 2005

Here come the crazys

Feeling really crazy and irritable and sad. Marital issues are SUCH A PAIN. I finally, finally made an appt. with the therapist (the office never called me back the first time!), I will talk to her on Monday and then see the actual dr. at the end of the month. So, that is one step I have taken. The other one I resent but it can't hurt to stick with, and that is to not have my laptop on from 5:00 to bedtime, unless J has his open for schoolwork. I've also taken a leave-of-absense from RAKScraps, but I don't want to leave permanently.

And even though it may be a conflict of interest I'm still keeping up with my artwork, to keep me grounded if anything. Taking a leap and entering the Papkerkuts Powerteam contest. I have three layouts done, only two of which I really like.

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